New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To

As 2022 rolls around, it’s natural to make a list of New Year’s resolutions. That’s the easy part. Keeping them, on the other hand, proves much more challenging, and it’s not unusual to throw in the towel come February.

Still, keeping the promises you make to yourself doesn’t have to be impossible. The key lies in making resolutions that are reasonable and doable. Try, for instance, one of the following:

Drink More Water

If you don’t drink enough water each day, you’re certainly not alone; most Americans are underhydrated. While this may be a great way to hoard toilet paper (just in case!), even a little dehydration has consequences, including fatigue, brain fog, dry skin, headaches, bloating, and feeling less motivated.

Fortunately, drinking water is among the easiest resolutions to stick to. One way to do this is by carrying around a water bottle, which reminds you to drink throughout the day. Keeping a glass of water on your nightstand and chugging it first thing in the morning is another.

Engage in Self-Care

From leading a meeting at work to running your children to soccer practice, there are all sorts of things that get in the way of self-care. Yet making time for yourself gives you the sanity to make time for those you love. In other words, go spend the day at a spa and do it for the kids!

Of course, self-care isn’t always as extensive as a day-long activity or a weekend excursion. It can be as simple as getting a monthly massage, taking a daily walk in nature, writing in a journal, or spending 20 minutes on mindfulness.

Try a New Hobby

If you start January vowing to become fluent in Mandarin or promising to morph into an expert backcountry skier, the odds are fairly high that you’ll fail. Try keeping things light and nonspecific, instead. Rather than resolving to take up photography, learn to sing opera, or perfect glass blowing…just resolve to try something new.

Moreover, don’t hold yourself to any expected level of expertise. Trying a new hobby in 2022 is practical. Mastering a new hobby is much more difficult.

Exercise Your Way

Resolving to exercise is among the most common New Year’s resolutions and one that tends to peter out before Spring arrives. But getting up and getting moving isn’t limited to joining a gym, taking out a second mortgage so you can buy a Peloton, or taking up running for a 50k. Don’t resolve to work out the way you think you should; resolve to work out the way you can manage.

This might involve becoming a hiker instead of a jogger or taking a yoga class online instead of signing a three-year contract with a fitness center. Exercising your way doesn’t need to be a daily thing, either. If you can only manage to work up a sweat on weekends, resolve to do that. Once or twice a week is better than nothing!

Watch Less News

In today’s world, the news can sometimes feel more horrific than a Stephen King marathon; we need to watch Carrie just to unwind from cable news channels. Staying in-the-know has its advantages, as it allows you to stay informed of what is going on around the globe. But it has its disadvantages, too, particularly with regards to your mental health.

As you enter 2022, resolve to find balance: watch enough news to stay educated, but not enough to dwell.

New Year’s resolutions usually feel like they’re made to be broken, but no-pressure promises are easy to stick with. Try one of the above or come up with your own and make 2022 a year full of changes, regardless of how small.

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