Make Your Own Hot-Chocolate Dessert Board

There’s no time like the present to throw a small (and safe) get together, treat your loved one to a date-night at home, or just indulge in a little chocolate. Make any cold-weather event special by creating your very own hot chocolate charcuterie board. Here’s how.   

Start with High Quality Cocoa

If the foundation of your hot cocoa beverage doesn’t taste very chocolatey, then what’s the point? Choose a high-quality drinking chocolate like Godiva or Ghirardelli and pair with a rich, flavorful milk or milk alternative. For a complete list of the best drinking chocolates, consult this comprehensive selection here.

If you plan to host others (safely), make a few different batches in various crockpots for those who want to sip and sample. Use oat or almond milk as a base along with a high-quality, organic milk. Select a spiced Mexican-style chocolate or even float cinnamon sticks in one batch to get really fancy. Be as creative as you want while offering a variety of choices for those with dietary restrictions.

Have Treats for Kids and Adults

Perhaps you want to create two charcuterie boards for adults and those not of drinking age. For the little ones, line up fanciful bottles full of caramel, chocolate sauce, fruit syrups, honey, and the like. For adults, offer a sampling of whiskies, Irish creams, and rums poured into pretty decanters or crystal tumblers.

It’s All About the Toppings

A beautiful, cured meat charcuterie board is made all the more eye-catching when more colorful items are added. With a dessert board, the same rule should apply. Adding pops of color via interesting, sweet toppings can brighten up your chocolate-based platter. Crush up peppermint sticks, pile up pink marshmallows, and set little bowls of white chocolate chips amongst stir sticks like rocky candy, chocolate covered pretzels, or hazelnut rolled wafers.

Quantity and Quality are Important

You definitely don’t want to overload the board with items people wouldn’t want to eat. Instead, opt for high quality candies and chocolates, like chocolate-covered espresso beans, white chocolate pretzel twists, and homemade whipped cream. Create a secondary dessert board for dippable items and set this next to your toppings board for even more options. Ask guests to contribute to the dessert board by bringing a serving of their favorite homemade cookies, crackers, or dipping options.

For some good, wholesome fun, throw a hot-chocolate themed event. Create a decadent, dessert board (or two) full of toppings, sweet treats, and snacks to make the best hot chocolate ever. Warmer weather is quickly approaching so don’t wait!

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