Everything You Need to Know About Spring Skiing

Spring along the Front Range might be all about blooming flowers, budding trees, and baby animals. But in the mountains, it’s a final ode to snow. In fact, spring skiing in the Rockies is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

While spring skiing isn’t that different from winter skiing (it’s still skiing, after all!), there are certain things you need to consider when hitting the slopes as the weather warms.

Before you throw on your gear, consider the following:

Layers are Your Best Friends

Every good Coloradan knows to wear layers due to the drastic fluctuation in temperature that happens seemingly every day. In the mountains, these swings are even more dramatic. While the mornings are typically always cold, the afternoons tend to warm into the high 30s and 40s. In other words, it’s gonna get toasty if you’re covered head to toe in snow gear.    

Wear Sunscreen

The high altitude combined with the sun’s rays reflecting off the pearly white snow is a recipe for a killer sunburn. Not only can a burn leave you with a raccoon-inspired goggle line, but it’s quite uncomfortable, as well. Of course, it also increases the risk of skin cancer, particularly in avid skiers who never lather up. To protect yourself, dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, but you might want to go higher if you’re not used to skiing at elevation. Don’t forget your lips, either; a sunburnt mouth makes happy hour less enjoyable.

Wear Sunglasses

As mentioned above, the Colorado sun can feel brutal when coupled with a powder-covered mountain…and this makes sunglasses a must-wear. While most people prefer goggles, some go with basic shades. Whatever your preference, make sure you bring something to cover your baby blues, greens, and browns. Even if it’s cloudy in the morning, don’t be fooled; it’s unlikely to stay that way.

Stay Hydrated

Skiing in warm weather elicits more sweat than skiing in freezing temps, making hydration even more important. A good way to tell if you’re hydrated is to track your urine output; if you’ve been skiing all morning and haven’t had to stand in line waiting for an open stall, chances are you’re low on fluids. To be proactive, make sure to drink plenty of water before going on your first run and stop and refill throughout the day.

Take Advantage of Sales

Buying ski gear in spring is kind of like buying Christmas decorations on December 26th. In short, it’s a chance to take advantage of sales. Many sporting goods companies start clearing out their winter gear for the likes of kayaks and hiking boots as soon as warm weather beckons. Taking advantage of these sales can leave you skiing in style for the rest of the season and the ones to come. 

Spring skiing offers the perfect mix of mountains and sunny skies. To keep yourself as safe and comfortable as possible, heed the above tips as you head for the hills.

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