DIY Crafts for Fall

On the search for out-of-the-box decorations for fall or Halloween? Go the DIY route to create unique crafts that perfectly reflect your style. Whether you’re looking for chic, colorful projects or something spooky for Halloween, we share options to spice up your home this season:

Pumpkin Vase

If you love to display bright blossoms or seasonal foliage, switch things up by displaying them in a pumpkin vase. This craft is super simple to make: carefully carve a deep hole in the top of a pumpkin, remove the seeds, and place a plastic cup inside. Fill the cup with water and insert your favorite plants to display. If you’d like to get even more creative, spray paint the pumpkin in a statement color such as metallic rose gold or striking, glossy white.

Bedazzled Gourds

Looking to add some sparkle to your home? These bedazzled gourds look beautiful displayed as a centerpiece. To make this project, you’ll just need as many dried gourds as you’d like to decorate, rhinestones or acrylic gems, tacky glue, white or metallic sharpies, and glitter glue paint. Feel free to use your creative license here: there’s no wrong way to decorate the gourds!

Skull Candles

When you need Halloween décor that’s spooky but not campy, these skull candles are perfect. Start by placing a skull decal on the front of a clean jar (baby food jars or sauce jars work well). Next, spray the jar with black spray paint and allow it to dry completely. Using tweezers, gently remove the decal, starting from the center to avoid scratching the edge of the paint. Now the jar is ready for a candle to be placed inside!

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

This mason jar lid pumpkin will be an elegant addition to your home. You’ll need 25 mason jar bands of the same size (not the solid circular part), string, white spray paint, glue, strips of vintage paper, cinnamon sticks, and leaves cut from burlap, scrapbooking paper, or a similar material. Begin by tying the mason jar lids together to form a pumpkin-shaped ring, then apply two to three coats of white spray paint to the lids. Cut vintage book paper into strips seven inches long and ¼” wide while the paint is drying. Once the paint is dry, hot glue one end of each strip to the middle of the bands. Flip the pumpkin over and hot glue the ends of the paper to the bottom, then flip to right-side up again. Rotate the bands toward the center of the pumpkin so the glue and ends of the paper aren’t visible. Finally, hot glue a grouping of cinnamon sticks in the middle of the pumpkin to form a stem. If desired, cut leaves from whatever material you desire and glue them in with the cinnamon sticks.

When you’re ready to celebrate fall, these DIY crafts will help you get into the spirit of the season as you spruce up your home. If you’re searching for a beautiful new apartment home, you’ll love our brand-new campus in Avon, Colorado. Each of our units boasts an open floor plan, so you can enjoy decorating all year round. To learn more about availability, please contact our leasing team. 

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