A Guide to Choosing the Right Sunscreen

While summer may be winding down, the need for proper SPF is here to stay. Believe it or not, Colorado is the sixth sunniest state in America, a fact that doesn’t end when fall arrives. Yep, sunscreen is a must-have accessory all year long. With proper protection being so important, what kind of factors should you look for in choosing a spray or lotion? Consider reaching for the following: 

Sunscreen that’s Waterproof

You don’t need to be jumping into the pool or frolicking in the ocean waves to benefit from waterproof sunscreen. Simply spending time under the hot rays is enough to make you sweat. Still, waterproof isn’t foolproof (you still need to reapply it), but it won’t wear off because of moisture. 

Sunscreen with a High SPF

Dermatologists recommend that you use sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30, which is sufficient in blocking out 97% of rays. Higher numbers may block out a higher percentage of rays, but nothing blocks out all of them. Higher numbers also do not translate to lasting longer. Regardless of the SPF, it still needs to be reapplied regularly. 

Sunscreen that’s Right for Your Skin

Whether your skin is oily, sensitive, or a poster child for eczema, there is a sunscreen designed to meet your needs. It’s important to find one that won’t irritate your skin, as you’re unlikely to wear it if it’s bothersome. You’re also unlikely to reapply it every two hours, as recommended for maximum protection. 

Sunscreen that’s Mineral-Based

If you only use sunscreen once in a blue moon, then using a chemical-based formula isn’t a cause for concern. Regular sunscreen wearers, on the other hand, are encouraged to use mineral sunscreens, as they are less irritating to the skin and may be safer for long-term use. However, whether you opt for chemical-based or mineral-based, wearing any sunscreen is better than wearing none. 

Sunscreen that’s Labeled “Broad Spectrum”

When choosing a brand, make sure the bottle clearly lists “broad-spectrum” as that gives you the most potent level of protection. Broad-spectrum protects against both UVB rays (the kind that causes sunburn and skin cancer) as well as UVA rays (the kind that causes wrinkles). While most people wear sunscreen to avoid the likes of melanoma and basal cell, it’s important to avoid cosmetic damage as well. That way, it’s a win-win: you can protect your health and your fabulous good looks. 

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